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Coarse with thick crust and thick with the past few quarters are very popular and this trend is part of the fashion house also improved, and brought it to the new season of autumn and winter. Despite the elegant fine with resurgence, we just invest in the near thick heel nor the so wasted - its biggest advantages is easy to wear and walk.

The tapered with these heel upper coarse, gradually down sharpened, usually with an arc, the last contact with the ground part of the very small. They are very sexy, very interesting, and very modern, make a shape instantly become vibrant. They are not the classic style, so unless made up his mind to use them a lot in the next few quarters, otherwise you do not buy.

Color Speaking of color, two-color and mixed color is no reason to make your shoes look sadly boring. 08 autumn and winter T stage could barely see the monochrome shoes, they are all replaced by two-color and mixed color shoes. The different parts of the shoes can use different colors to show, for example,

Stiletto shape is smooth, elegant and sexy. With the higher, look more attractive - and of course, they can not provide for your feet how much support force. However, in looking at these beautiful christian louboutin discount shoes, many people are brain empty, simply can not remember what the ergonomic problems.

Do not think that mixed color shoes with monochrome clothing only. They wear with almost anything. As for these shoes, they are also covered by the bright color and gray, black and other classic colors.

Pa Ti Rabel to Angelina Jolie, from An Guen to Maria Kelly, they are all Christian Louboutin high heels fans, many celebrities put his shoes as important occasion jewelry, Pa Ti . Rabel and the company signed a contract in her concerts and important occasion to wear their shoes. Her favorite is strapless with diamonds Asakuchi casual shoes, Angelina Jolie appeared in almost all important occasions are wearing the shoes he designed. In her movie "wanted", she starred in a sexy female killer wearing a pair of Luo Boting shoes, these beige the round toe Luo Boting shoes are from her collection. Kylie Minogue in the video of her album "soulmate", to wearing Christian Louboutina shoes, when she accompanied the piano to dance, special soles obvious. Britney Spears to play in Los Angeles and many appear at the struggle for custody of her child was found wearing Christian Louboutin shoes. Christina Aguilera also fans of Christian Louboutin shoes, common she wore to attend important events as well as in her latest album "back to basic tour" wearing. Madonna in her Live earth concert wearing her embedded may-janes, black patent leather shoes, Japanese pop star Aymi Hamasaki, wearing her "sweet" magazine photographs her primary colors of yellow and black and rhinestone the Luo Boting shoes, the same Japanese jazz singer SHiina Ringo was found wearing publicity for her band LP the commemorative edition Luo Boting shoes ........

Think about it, a woman wearing a christian louboutin shoes, staggered walking down the street, step on the pace of sound rhyme, how pleasing. Woman wearing high heels matched with a miniskirt, accompanied by soft summer wind skirt sleeve of a robe fluttering hair fluttering, like a woman, Who can say no charm? The famous shoe designer Christian Louboutin once said: "it is precisely high heels make a woman have a healthy, high-heeled shoes so that they slowed down. Difference between this, like the car is different from cycling. Least cycling can enjoy along scenery ...... "

It can be said that the woman in christian louboutin shoes are not in order not to miss the markets a popular landscape it? However, the woman at the time to enjoy the scenery, unwittingly became a landscape ......

Red Kogan shoes is a symbol of the woman, is the direct source of the woman superiority. Once heard a woman with emotion: "The women do not wear christian louboutin shoes that simply do not know why things fashion." Yes, women want fashion, you have to wear christian louboutin shoes. Thus, the woman is always christian louboutin shoes from a bundle of no personality woman pile fore, absolutely standout feeling. This woman high spirits, high-spirited, people scared Cha her demeanor, even more obsessed with her charm. So, a pair of christian louboutin shoes, highlighting the overall demeanor of a woman, her face, gait, a show of hands every move she makes are all in the hands of the christian louboutin shoes.

So, the woman began to chase the christian louboutin shoes. Woman wearing christian louboutin shoes, step for some song rhyme, so the pace of the city's new melody is played with the christian louboutin shoes resounding, people listen to the symphony of fashion. This time, a woman wearing high heels, exudes the charm of charming temptation, men only look to recover children wore off gradually far footsteps alone daze or reveries ...

Of course, not all women can wear christian louboutin shoes. The christian louboutin shoes is a sign of a certain social class, the only one of this class, and occupies a place in which a woman, wearing christian louboutin shoes only exudes its own inherent charm.

Christian Louboutin has created the most famous footwear myth since Cinderella since. This from KateMoss and Daphne Guinness supermodel, to Beyonc, Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna stars, everyone wearing his shoes.

Earlier in 2008, the New York Fashion Institute of Technology specifically for him to do a solo exhibition in January, talk show queen Oprah Winfrey dedicated her program to 800 million viewers about his design. The designer, however, often wearing a pair of fluorescent green Converse canvas shoes, travel shoulder bag hanging on his shoulders. His olive skin, the pepper color short hair and this body casual dress make him like an ordinary person like, is not impressive. He also hoped that his shoes - not himself - on his behalf to speak.

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